Here are few question about MK Logistics

1. What are your shipping rates for the UK by Air & Sea?

For air shipping, our rate is £7 per Kg, and there is no minimum weight requirement.

For sea shipping, our rate is £2.5 per Kg, but there is a minimum weight requirement of 20 Kgs.

2. What is volumetric weight?

Volumetric weight is a calculation based on the dimensions of your package. It is used to determine the shipping cost when the actual weight of the package is less than its volumetric weight.

3. Do you charge based on the weight or the volume of the item?

When shipping items by air, it’s important to be aware that airlines generally determine shipping costs based on either the actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher. Volumetric weight is typically used for items that are larger, such as boxes, elongated or wide products, or items that take up a significant amount of space.

If you are shipping a lightweight product in a box, we recommend that you notify us before it arrives at our UK warehouse. This will allow us to offer you the option to have the package repackaged to save you costs. Please note that there will be a charge for this service, as it involves additional handling and materials.

Repackaging is particularly important as the airline may charge volumetric weight, which can be higher than the actual weight of the package. By repackaging your item, we can help you avoid unnecessary costs and streamline the shipping process.

4. Do your rates include custom fees and insurance?

Our shipping rates already include customs fees. However, if you require insurance, it is optional and billed separately. Please inform our agent in advance before your package arrives at our warehouse if you wish to purchase insurance.

5. Do you consolidate multiple packages? If yes, is there an additional cost for that?

We offer package consolidation upon request. If you want to consolidate your packages, please inform us in advance before sending them to our warehouse.

Please be aware that there is a handling charge depending on the size and number of packages for this service. If you do not request package consolidation, your packages will be shipped individually on our scheduled shipping days.

6. How do I know when MK Logistics has received my packages?

Once your goods arrive at our warehouse, we will send you an email containing an invoice and a picture of your items to confirm their receipt.

7. Is there a minimum weight requirement?

For air shipments, there is no minimum weight requirement.

For sea shipments, there is a minimum weight requirement of 20kgs.

8. How long does it take an item to reach Tanzania?

Please note that the estimated transit time for goods shipped from the UK to Tanzania is typically 7-10 days.

9. How do I track my packages?

Once we have received your package at our warehouse, we will promptly send you an email containing an invoice and a link to our tracking page. This tracking page will display the current location of your shipment and provide an estimated date of arrival in Tanzania.

We strive to keep our clients well-informed about the progress of their shipments and aim to provide a seamless and transparent shipping experience.

10. Will you deliver the packages to me?

Certainly, we offer the option of having your goods delivered directly to your desired location for your convenience. Please inform us of your delivery address when placing your order and our team will coordinate the logistics to ensure a smooth delivery process. Kindly note that additional charges may apply for this service, which will be detailed in your invoice

11. How often do you ship from the UK?

Our shipping schedule is designed to ensure timely and efficient delivery of your goods. We ship by Air every Tuesday and Friday each week, and by Sea once at the end of every month.

12. Do you offer express shipping services?

Yes, our express shipping services takes about 3-5 working days. Currently not shown in our Shipping Calculator, for details on our express shipping services, please contact us.

13. How long can items be kept at the MK Logistics facility in Tanzania before charges are applied?

We provide free storage for your Air and Sea shipments for up to 7 business days. After that, there is a daily charge of TZS 3000 until you pick up or request delivery of the goods. This policy is in place to encourage prompt pick-up or delivery, as unclaimed goods take up valuable storage space resulting in additional costs for the company.

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