Here are few question about MK Logistics

1. What are dangerous goods?

Dangerous goods in air cargo are defined as materials or substances that have the inherent potential to endanger health, safety, property, or the environment during air transportation. Such materials typically include explosives, flammable gases and liquids, corrosive substances, radioactive materials, infectious substances, and other hazardous materials. Their transportation necessitates a heightened level of specialized handling and precautionary measures to ensure the safe and secure movement of these goods via air.

2. What dangerous goods are allowed to be shipped by Air and what are not? Are there any limitations or extra charges?

Plastic Containers & Bottles:

We offer plastic containers and bottles for customers who need additional packaging. The cost for a medium-sized container is £10, and for a large container, it is £15. If you require plastic bottles, the cost is £2 each for a 2.5L bottle.

Handling Fee:

We offer a handling fee for customers who require their liquids to be transferred into small bottles. The fee for this service is £25+, depending on the volume of the liquid being transferred.


New laptops can be sent via air freight with the correct MSDS. MSDS is a material data safety sheet that contains information about the hazardous materials used in the product. This sheet ensures that the product is safe to be transported via air freight. The charge for laptops is calculated based on the weight of the item and the duty (which is 10% of the item’s value).

If MSDS is unavailable, an outsourced company can be used to ship laptops. This outsourced company charges £25 per kilo for used laptops and £30 per kilo for new laptops. The shipments occur every 14 days.


We are unable to send liquids over 5L via air cargo due to airline regulations. If you require more than 5L of liquid to be shipped, the shipment will be split and sent in partitions. However, sea cargo is an option for liquids over 5L, and there will be a charge for transferring the liquid and the bottles.


We are unable to send batteries via air cargo. This is because heavy and raw batteries require an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), which contains information about the hazardous materials used in the product. If you are unsure whether your battery requires an MSDS, please contact our staff to confirm if we can send it via air or not.

Sprays and Flammable Items:

We are unable to send sprays and flammable items via air cargo due to airline regulations. However, customers can choose to send them via sea cargo or return them to the supplier.

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