Here are few question about MK Logistics

Important Information

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for considering MK Logistics for your shipping needs. We would like to remind you of our policies below.

Regarding Batteries:

For safe battery transportation, heavy or raw batteries require an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) as per airline safety regulations. If unsure, reach out to our team. The cost for MSDS-required batteries is £20 per kilo.

Regarding Laptops: 

We can air freight laptops with the correct MSDS. Charges are based on weight and a 10% duty fee. If an MSDS is unavailable, we offer a shipping service at £25 per kilo for used laptops and £30 per kilo for new laptops, shipping every 14 days.

Regarding Electronics:

All electronic items are subject to a 10% duty fee in addition to shipping costs per kg.

Thank you for choosing MK Logistics. We look forward to serving you.

Best regards,

MK Logistics Team

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